DJI Mavic Pro Review 2021

A lot of people are saying that the DJI Mavic Pro is the best drone with the camera for its price. The praise is definitely not unwarranted. DJI has produced a lot of good drones, but the Mavic Pro is somewhere in the realm of great. Of course, the Mavic Pro does have some minor flaws. However, these flaws do not detract much from what this camera drone has to offer. From its design to its capabilities, the Mavic Pro is arguably the best work that DJI has produced so far.

The Mavic Pro is easily the fastest, smallest, most portable, and smartest drone for sale among DJI’s creations. It can even leave its competition, like Yuneec and GoPro drones, in the dust. Its small size belies its capabilities, and first-time fliers will definitely have a great time with the Mavic Pro. It can take high-quality video and stills, has a longer flight time, and offers a number of flight modes that give you a lot of amazing options.

The Design

If you’re looking for a drone with a camera that’s more compact and portable than other drones, the Mavic Pro is perfect for you. Its blades are smaller than can be found in other drones. Both the blades and the arms can be tucked in to make the drone easier to carry and transport safely and conveniently. The overall design is very minimalist and streamlined, with clean lines that can catch the eye of many potential buyers.

Even when you unfold the drone, it still looks small and in actuality is very light. When folded, it is roughly the size of a water bottle. The genius of the design lies in the fact that despite its small size, the Mavic Pro packs a lot of features and capabilities. It is also designed to withstand winds of up to 25mph speeds, which is actually owed to its narrow shape.

The built-in forward-facing 4K UHD camera is mounted on a two-axis gimbal. The camera drone can also tilt itself to 90 degrees for awesome shots of vertical structures.

The Hardware

The Mavic Pro comes with a controller that connects to your smart device. Once connected, your smart device provides your home and control screen. The smart device is also capable of standing in for the actual remote control if circumstances require it to do so.

The camera, like the drone itself, is small and compact. To operate it, you need to tell it where to point and focus through your control screen. It is fixed right into the drone, which means that you can’t upgrade it or swap it for another camera. The Mavic Pro in the only DJI drone for sale with a camera that has 28mm Zenmuse lens that can shoot wide angles without creating too much of a fish-eye effect.

The drone itself is well-balanced and stable in flight. It can fly at speeds of up to 41mph. DJI also sells a DJI Goggles VR headset that you can use with all DJI drones. With the headset, you can see what the drone’s camera is seeing.

The Video and Image Quality

You can record amazing footage at 4K video quality. The Mavic Pro can also capture 12MP raw and JPEG still images in bright and sharp colors as well as in portrait or landscape mode. You can change the ISO and white balance using the control screen even while the camera drone is in flight. With a camera ISO of up to 1600, you can also take good images even when the light isn’t very good. In contrast to other drones, you can use the Mavic Pro to capture, for example, a sunset, without worrying about the quality of the image and the brightness of the colors. The Mavic Pro camera can capture stills and videos with great quality even in suboptimal conditions.

Many, if not most, Mavic Pro users will find the camera’s capabilities to be at least adequate for filming, surveying, and photo-taking needs. The camera is certainly reliable in almost any light or wind condition. You can also be sure that your footage and images will be free from distortions. Any other drone for sale won’t have all these features tied up in a neat little package.

The Capabilities

As said before, the Mavic Pro is smarter than all the DJI camera drone models preceding it. It is certainly a very agile drone with a camera in flight, especially in sports mode. When you put the Mavic Pro in sports mode, it becomes more responsive to manual controls. It is also capable of activating other modes such as orbit and follow. There is also the DJI Active Track feature, which makes the drone track and follows a specific object or person. Aside from these modes, it also has a nifty obstacle avoidance system which makes its flight safer than possible for earlier DJI drones.

The Mavic Pro also has a longer flight time than other drones. It is capable of staying in the air for 23 to 27 minutes. If you have spare batteries on hand, you can extend the flight time for much longer. Other than a longer flight time, the Mavic Pro also has a stronger operating range. You can also have limited control of the Mavic Pro by using gestures instead of handling the control directly.

The Good and The Bad

As a relatively affordable drone for sale, the Mavic Pro has a lot to offer. It is more intelligent than its predecessors, and its compact portability is certainly attractive to more active and mobile users. The camera captures sharp 4K video footage and 12MP images. The drone itself is very agile, well-balanced, stable, and quicker than many other drones. It also has a longer flight time and can be kept running by simply switching to a fresh set of batteries.

However, there are a couple of criticisms about the Mavic Pro. For one, the camera isn’t removable. While the camera itself isn’t bad, it doesn’t allow for as much flexibility as some users might need. The camera also only works at a 60mbps bitrate and has a less dynamic range. Lastly, you need a smart device to control aside from its actual remote control. While you can use only the smart device after connecting it to the remote control, it’s still better to have an all-in-one remote control that won’t need a third-party device.

All in all, though, the Mavic Pro is still a great drone in spite of its shortcomings. It is an extremely capable drone with a camera that’s certainly worth its price.

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